An agreement between the city and Redner's Markets will bring gas pumps to the store's location on U.S. Route 113, and also assist in the replacement of Well No. 9.

After more than a month of negotiations, the city of Milford and Redner’s Markets have reached an agreement to replace Well No. 9 in exchange for a conditional agreement allowing Redner’s to install gas pumps.

According to the agreement, Redner’s will fund up to $200,000 worth of replacement and testing costs for the well, funds that will go into an escrow account for payments. In return, the city is allowing a conditional agreement for Redner’s to install three gas pump stations with six hoses for consumers at its U.S. Route 113 location.

“It is exciting because it’s one aspect that store is missing: an immediate outlet for customers to redeem their fuel perks,” said Redner’s spokesman Eric B. White. “Now that we have that conditional approval, we can move forward and continue that process.”

White said that if construction and permit approval goes as planned, he is optimistic that pumps may be running by November.

“Redner’s has been good for the community and I’m glad we can be able to assist so they can have their gas pumps,” said City Manager Richard Carmean. “And we certainly need to upgrade Seabury Avenue. [This] is just something that helps keep [water] costs in line, or from going up to do that much additional work.”

City to use legislative swap-out funds

Legislative swap-out funds discussed during Monday’s city council meeting will allow the city to move forward with street projects, while benefitting both the Food Bank of Delaware’s Milford branch and the Carlisle Fire Department.

Carmean explained that the city no longer offers donations, but rather must do so through legislative swap-outs, which fund city projects and allow previously earmarked money to then benefit local non-profit organizations as a pass-through.

A legislative fund swap-out from Sen. Colin Bonini (R-Dover) will provide the city with $100,000 for city street projects including Airport Road renovations and in turn will also allow a donation in the amount of $100,000 to be given to the Food Bank of Delaware’s Milford branch.

A legislative fund swap-out from Rep. Jack Peterman (R-Milford), Rep. Harvey Kenton (R-Milford) and Sen. F. Gary Simpson (R-Milford), will benefit Carlisle Fire Company in the amount of $11,000 for the purchase of a small fire truck.