Home of the Brave Foundation pulls plans for female veterans transitional home; plans to sell Milford property and seek another site.

Citing a continuing atmosphere of hostility by neighbors of its projected transitional home for female veterans, directors of the Home of the Brave Foundation have decided to sell the property they bought to house the facility.

The home was to be located on Griffith Lake Drive, southwest of Milford.

In a press release issued Friday afternoon, board Chairwoman Linda Boone and Home of the Brave Foundation Executive Director Jessica Finan said the board's viewpoint was that "the resistance testimony is based on many myths about homeless individuals and facilities and are not based on facts."

In a 3-2 decision April 1, the Sussex County Board of Adjustment decision provided Home of the Brave a two-year group home special use variance, instead of the typical five-year variance, and capped the total number of occupants to eight individuals. Those limitations served to limit the groups fundraising abilities and did not allow the best use of the home, they said.

Since the project was approved, area homeowners asked a fence be installed around the property, an action Boone and Finan felt contributed to a hostile environment that would not be conducive to their efforts to help the women.

Board members remain committed to the project and hope to find another location in the near future, Boone and Finan said.