In honor of Administrative Assistant day, we’re bringing you tips to improve your day at your desk.   Desks jobs can be extremely taxing on a person’s body, however, there are some ways to relieve this stress.

Barb Daugherty, ergonomics specialist at ATI Physical Therapy, explains different ways administrative assistants can be more comfortable and make their job less painful.

“Having good ergonomics at the work place can help prevent injury and improve productivity,” said Barb.

Why are desk jobs so painful?

“Desk jobs can be painful just because people forget to stretch,” said Bar. “If you could remember it would be extremely beneficial.”

Those who have data entry jobs apply about 3,000 pounds of pressure in typing each week, said Barb.  In an eight hour shift, on average, an assistant will sit for about six hours.  The pressure and the sitting can be extremely taxing on a person’s body.  We do not realize it right away, but after sitting for so long injuries can start to occur.

What are ways to prevent injuries?

“The biggest thing people can do is something called the 20-20 rule,” said Barb.  “After sitting for twenty minutes, stretch for twenty seconds.”

Sitting up right is not the healthiest position; the best position to be in is slightly leaned back with feet slightly in front of your knees, said Barb.  Changing your position is also very beneficial.

Getting your hand off the mouse is also extremely important.   A lot of people will constantly leave their hand on the mouse when it is not in use which creates extreme discomfort and can cause injuries to the wrist.

Ergonomics does not stop at the end of the work day.  Administrative assistants need to be mindful of how they are at home, including their posture and sleeping position.

What equipment can help prevent injuries?

Having a good chair is important when preventing injuries.  

“Chairs are usually designed for an average male, so those funky looking knobs on the bottom actually have a use,” said Barb.  “It is very important to have the chair adjusted properly.”

When working with a mouse all day, the mouse pad becomes very important.  Having a flat mouse pad can cause added stress and cause nerve damage to the wrist.  Mouse pads that have a slight bump are helpful in relieving the stress off the wrist.

What are some home remedies to help?

1. Use a binder as a foot rest

2. Roll up a wash cloth and place under wrist when using mouse (Be careful and remember to change wash cloth because it does collect bacteria.)

3. Roll up a towel and place behind back

4. Use mesh back support that you find at most Dollar Stores.