Modern baseball is great to watch, but a group is bring old-fashioned baseball to Milford.

Baseball, the great American pastime, has been on the scene for well over 100 years. The game has changed and evolved over the decades into the exciting sport we witness every summer.

Now, a group of local baseball enthusiasts has formed a non-profit club called the "Southern DE Base Ball Club".

One of the organizers, Jeff Puglia, said the club was developed to promote the game of baseball, and the rich history of the game in the Milford area, "I watched an old-fashioned game in Cooperstown, New York, recently and fell in love with it, and I wanted to bring it back to Milford."

Puglia said he wanted to be the first to have a team in the area, but a group from Lewes already had a team, which they played last summer.

Puglia and his partner James Oechsler, recruited local players to compete in the Mid Atlantic Vintage Baseball League, a league comprised of teams from Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.They compete in uniforms and equipment from the 1860s era and they play by the early rules of baseball.The game looks similar, but there are different rules, including a restricted flight baseball, and the bats are wooden, and the gloves are considerably smaller.

The club hopes to build a vintage baseball stadium reminiscent of the stadiums from the early 1900s to attract tourism to the Milford area. "We would also like to build a baseball museum to showcase the great baseball players and teams from the Milford area, which has sent a number of players to the professional levels," said Puglia.

The stadium could be used for vintage baseball games, little league games, concerts, business expos or charity events.

Oechsler said everyone, male or female, young and young at hear,t is invited to join the club, which is raising funds through memberships which include collectible stock certificates.The group is also hoping to attract more teams to join the vintage league.

For information on vintage baseball, contact James Oechsler at (443) 745-2575, or Jeff Puglia at (302) 381-0869.