Think physical therapy is a joke? Think again!

Although today is April Fools Day, there’s one type of treatment that’s no joke…and that’s physical therapy!

Physical therapy is designed to increase a patient’s ability and decrease their pain. Today Heidi Zehr, a physical therapist at ATI Physical Therapy in Milford, shares why physical therapy matters so that we’re not fooled into thinking it’s all a big joke!

“A lot of people believe physical therapy to be just exercises,” says Heidi. “In reality, our goal is to get them better, and while there are exercises, we do tests and figure out specific ways to meet their goals.”

Patients who have less serious injuries, such as sprains, strains, and back pain believe that physical therapy cannot help.  In actuality, physical therapy can and does help. When people think they can just deal with their pain or get better on their own, they may actually make things worse for themselves. 

“An acute injury can become chronic, minor injuries can become serious ones, and people can start developing injuries in addition to their original one,” says Heidi. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking these common myths or stories about physical therapy:

1. If the injury seems bearable, I don’t need to get physical therapy/seek medical attention. Ignoring the pain can actually make your injury worse in the long run! Get it checked out to learn about your treatment options.

2. I have home remedies, so I don’t need physical therapy. Physical therapists go through years of intense and extensive training in order to get a degree, and therefore have the knowledge and expertise necessary to treat patients and help them get better. Although home remedies may relieve pain, it’s best to seek medical attention before relying solely on your own solutions.

3. I’ve heard physical therapy is really painful. Ever heard those horror stories from your friends about physical therapy being an awful experience? Don’t let one story stop you from considering PT to help your injury! Oftentimes, you need to choose the right place for physical therapy to make sure you’re getting the best care possible.

Think you may have an injury that needs some attention? Visit any ATI Physical Therapy location in Delaware for a FREE complimentary injury screening (and that’s no joke!).