Milford swimming coach Michele McKenzie discusses the recent swimming season.

How would you evaluate the season, boys' team and girls' team?This was again a FANTASTIC season. We had such a great group of swimmers, including veteran stand outs as well as beginners who really made progress. Every year is a new adventure. It is interesting to watch the unique relationships and friendships that are formed throughout the season.

2. What were you most satisfied with?

There were so many positives this year. We had an abundance of individuals who qualified for the state tournament, and both boys and girls had swimmers go back to the finals even on Saturday March 2nd. The girls finished a very respectable 2nd place in the Henlopen Conference, which was a huge accomplishment for our team. Many of our captains stepped up and led the charge for swimmers improving their times, and doing their best. We also had newer members qualifying for the state tournament this year which was VERY exciting.

What were you most dissatisfied with?It is always disappointing when the season is over. I always feel like if some swimmers had just a little more time they could get one more step ahead. I guess that is why there is always a next year to look forward to!

Who were the best boys and girls performers?James Hagan stood out as our speediest male sprinter this year. The girls 200 Freestyle Relay and 200 Medley Relay (both included Osi Chilton, Jessica Downes, Ali Sanders, Sara Lingo) led the charge to finals day of the State Tournament as well as the 400 freestyle relay (Jessica Downes, Sam Gillespie, Megan Kirkpatrick, Leigh Ann Rosetti) and the boys 200 freestyle relay (James Hagan, Phil Berry, Dennis Kalaygian, Trevor Maloney). Sara Lingo also stood out this year in her individual events. She was a 2 x individual first place winner at the Henlopen conference tournament, and a state finalist. We look forward to others joining her in the finals of states next year.

Who were the MVP's? Unsung heroes?Our Senior MVP's were James Hagan, and Jessica Downes. They both showed leadership, strong work ethic, and determination to work hard as well as support their team throughout the season. Eric Valasquez improved greatly, as well Morgan Lorah. So many of the swimmers improved over the three months it is hard to just choose one or two who did a nice job, they are all worthy of celebration.

What surprised you most about the season?As with any season, I am always surprised with how our veteran swimmers step up to help others, and how hard the newer swimmers work.

Any other comments you would like to add? We are losing 16 seniors, including 2 managers. It will be tough to regroup, but I am sure many of the underclassmen will step up! They are a fantastic group.