A hair stylist for 15 years, Reed recently joined the staff at Make Waves Salon on Milford-Harrington Highway

Reed has worked as a hair stylist in Kent and Sussex counties for 15 years and even owned her own salon Hey Good Looking in Milton, which she sold in 2011. She recently joined longtime Milford salon Make Waves on Milford-Harrington Highway.

Q What made you pursue a career as a hair stylist?

A I like to help people feel good about themselves. It’s nice when you know someone is treating themselves and they leave feeling pretty and happy. There also aren’t a lot of places that people go where the staff asks them about their lives like they do at a hair salon. I think people really enjoy that and you get attached to them. It’s neat to see a little girl whose hair you cut when she was 8 come back to you to get her hair done for prom when she’s 18. I have some clients who have been coming to me for 15 years and loyally follow me to every salon.

Q Are there any misconceptions about hair styling you encounter?

A A lot. I would say one of the main ones is when women try to do their own hair coloring from a box and they’re surprised that it doesn’t come out the same color as the picture. Most people don’t understand the chemistry behind hair coloring and they’re sometimes surprised that we don’t just pull the color out of a tube and put it on. There’s a lot more to it than that. And then there are people who might be on medication that’s causing their hair to thin and they don’t understand why or how to deal with it.

Q What brought you to Make Waves?

A I’ve known the owner Mike Thompson for a long time and I know he and his staff are very educated and stay up to date on what to use. They also really take their time with clients, especially with consultations, which is so important yet a lot of places don’t do them. He knows good client interaction is the key to running a good salon and he treats everyone with respect. Plus, the salon here is just beautiful.

Q What advice would you give to kids interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology?

A I would tell them to go somewhere that you can build a strong clientele through walk-in traffic, and don’t discount your services because you’re worth it. This is a trade. It’s a profession. And if you do it right, it’s a career. Plus, it’s recession proof. People might cut back on how often they go to the stylist, but they’ll always want to get their hair done and look nice. When I started out, I thought hair would be something I would fall back on, but if I’ve been able to do anything else, it’s because of hair.


AGE 34


EDUCATION Milford High School, Class of 1997; Dover Beauty Academy, 1999; certified as Schwarzkopf master colorist, Marcia Teixeira keratin treatment provider and DevaCurl systems

FAMILY Parents, Neil and Linda Geise; Grandparents, Ellis “Reds” and Marion Geise

FAVORITE BOOKS “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins


HOBBIES Horseback riding, reading and antiquing