After decades spent working the corporate world, Van Eyken became the new executive director of the Greater Milford Club last September.

After decades spent working the corporate world, Van Eyken joined the Boys & Girls Club of Delaware and became the new executive director of the Greater Milford Club. 

Q How did you first get involved with the Boys & Girls Club?

A The new COO/executive vice president of the Boys & Girls Club is someone I’ve worked with in the past. He asked me if I would consider joining the organization based on his initial assessment of what skills and experience the organization needed going forward.

Q You previously had a lengthy career in corporate sales, management and recruiting. How has that experience informed your current position?

A My years in the corporate world allowed me to develop a talent for recruiting, training and developing the right people for the right job. I’m a team builder and a people developer and I’m very good at creating a culture that encourages people to do what they do best.

Q What are your goals for the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club and what challenges do you see to achieving those goals?

A My goal is to ensure that we’ve got a well-trained and enthusiastic staff. We are focused everyday on giving all of our children an opportunity to grow and develop their God-given talents. Our challenge is that we are a non-profit and the fees we charge don’t really cover our true costs. The damaged economy has dramatically reduced donations. We’ve got to continue to do our jobs with excellence everyday so that we can justify increased donations from longtime supporters and find new supporters to donate in support of our mission.

Q What makes the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club unique?

A Our new facility enables us to serve the total community. We have our childcare program which includes a program for pre-school age children. We have the pool, fitness center and gym which allow us to provide services to all ages.


AGE 50

HOMETOWN North Babylon, N.Y.

EDUCATION North Babylon Senior High School, Class of 1981; bachelor’s degree from Duke University in Durham, N.C., Class of 1985

WORK HISTORY Various sales positions at Procter & Gamble, 1984 to 1996; sales manager positions at Clorox, 1996 to 2000; business strategy manager at Answerthink Consulting, 2000 to 2002; eastern sales manager at LR Nelson Corp, 2002 to 2003; vice president of sales and product information at Garden of Life, 2003 to 2006; senior group leader at Target, 2006-2010; executive recruiter at MRI Management Recruiters, 2010 to 2012; unit director at H. Fletcher Brown Boys & Girls Club of Delaware, 2012 to present; executive director at Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club, 2012 to present

FAVORITE MOVIE All Harry Potter movies

FAVORITE BOOK “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger

HOBBIES Spending time with family my three kids, two brothers, two sisters and lots of nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins.