A native of Virginia, Pam Kelly taught in the Milford School District for 35 years before retiring in 2002.

A native of Virginia, Pam Kelly taught in the Milford School District for 35 years before retiring in 2002. Forty years ago, she became a founding member of the local chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international sorority of women educators that conducts numerous community outreach programs. Today, the chapter has about a dozen members from the Milford, Lake Forest and Indian River school districts.

Q How did the Epsilon chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa gets its start?

A Epsilon Chapter got its start on Dec. 9, 1972, when we received our charter from the international organization in Kansas City, Miss. Teachers in the Milford School District were approached by the Delta chapter in Dover, who took us under their wing. In order to be a member, you had to have three years of experience in education and be invited to become a member. There were ten charter members of Epsilon chapter. I am the only one who is still a member. Today, you can be a member with two years in education.

Q What is it about the organization that has kept you active?

A  I have stayed involved at the local, regional and international levels because of the wonderful friendships I've developed, the quality of the teachers who are members, and the altruistic projects that make up all levels of our organization. Being a member and serving in many offices and presenting workshops to help educate our members has provided me with the opportunity to travel and meet so many people. Also, being a member helped make me a better teacher when I was in the classroom.

Q What are the benefits of joining the sorority?

A We like to say that you can travel to any state and several foreign countries and you will always have a "sister" who will invite you for a visit or pick you up at the airport. I strongly feel that the things we do for others at the local, state and international levels make me a better person while helping others in so many ways.

Q What do you see in the chapter’s future?

A We have seen a membership drop at all levels in Alpha Delta Kappa. I feel that the drop in membership is due to the demands on our teachers in our classrooms relating to high-stakes testing and the regulations that must be met. Also, educators have families and so they have to make sacrifices.  Unfortunately, great organizations like Alpha Delta Kappa, which provides support and opportunities to educators, are often the first to be sacrificed. Hopefully, we will change as an organization and provide such great opportunities for our educators that they will want to become and stay a member.


EDUCATION Bachelor’s degree in history and social sciences from Madison College (now James Madison University) in Harrisonburg, Va.; master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Delaware

WORK HISTORY Retired, social studies teacher at Milford Middle School, 1967 to 2002; adjunct instructor, Wilmington University, 2002 to 2013

HOBBIES Reading, traveling , watching college basketball