AISLE SAY, the bon vivant and raconteur of theatre and non-profit events in The First State, details upcoming dates to place on one's calendar!

Friday - yes tomorrow - New Candlelight Theatre opens one of the funniest musicals EVER.  THE PRODUCERS, written by Mel Brooks, tells the tale of Max Bialystock, a producer who OVERsells a show and schemes to make sure it flops opening night. Dinner Theatre...the best value in the state!  475.2313   Thru March 17

Saturday - DE Theatre Co. opens with BOEING BOEING, a hilarious farce made into a movie in the '70's by none other than the American King of Farce, Jerry Lewis  494.1100  Through February 10

Delaware Shakespeare Festival - The Queen Theatre - February 12 at 7pm  An ode to all in Love.  See graphic

Meals on Wheels - Evening With The Masters - Friday April 19
An annual gastronomic gala from master chefs from around the US.

Suggestion for other DE events?