Former Milford resident and community theater participant Patrick Erhardt has recruited two local actors for his production of "The Psychic" in Georgetown. He took time to discuss his love of comedies and what audiences can expect in his new show.

The theater community of Milford has a long reach. Of course, local actors and actresses can regularly be seen in Second Street Player productions at Milford's Riverfront Theatre, but often these thespians also lend their acting chops to other area theater groups as well.

This month, two local actors, John Zinzi and Steven Dow, will be performing in the Possum Point Player production, "The Psychic." And, leading them is another former SSP member, Patrick Erhardt.

Erhardt, who lived and performed in Milford for 15 years before packing up for Seaford a few years ago, signed on to direct the play, a merger of mystery and comedy as soon as he heard about it. He took time this week to discuss his current endeavor, his work as an actor and a director and what audiences can expect from his production.

Q 'The Psychic' just sounds mysterious. Can you explain the plot a bit?

A It's billed as a murder mystery of sorts. It's a comedy about a gentleman who writes murder mysteries. But, the problem is that he can't sell them to a publisher. So, he puts a sign in the basement window of his New York apartment that says 'psychic readings: $25.' Then, a woman shows up and he makes a prediction to her. Following that, her husband shows up and after that her husband's mistress shows up. Then, the mistress's mister shows up because she's also the mistress of a gangster. So, the gangster shows up. Then, someone dies. I won't tell you who, but someone dies. Then, a detective shows up to investigate the death. Now, all the people who died are found with the psychic's business card in their hand. So, that's the first act. But, I can't go into the second act because there's a big surprise there.

Q Why did you want to be involved with this particular production?

A I love directing comedies. I've done a number of them, actually. This is the sixth show I've directed for Possum [Point Players]. I just love directing the comedies. I find them fun and refreshing. And I was fortunate to be able to put together just a marvelous cast for the show, including a couple of people from Milford. Steven Dow portrays our lead, the aspiring writer Adam.

Q Any stand out performances audiences should be on the lookout for?

A Actually, they are all exceptional. All six actors are amazing in their own right. Each person plays a unique character and seeing what they've done with the characters is just wonderful.

Q Do you have any favorite moments that you think audiences will really enjoy?

A There are several. They're going to enjoy Detective Coslow and how that character is portrayed. There's also this great scene where they are trying to come up with an ending for one of the guy's murder mysteries. It's just a lot of action back and forth on the stage, and the quickness of the banter is just great. What those actors have done in that scene is really, really funny.


WHAT 'The Psychic'

WHERE Possum Hall, 441 Old Laurel Highway, Georgetown

WHEN 8 p.m., Friday, Jan. 25 and Saturday, Jan. 26; 2 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 27

COST $17 to $18



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