Have you ever wanted to pick up a job while dropping off your dry cleaning or paying your bills?

Have you ever wanted to pick up a job while dropping off your dry cleaning or paying your bills?

If you said yes, then ServiceXpress, a wide-ranging business slated to open at 340 Northeast Front St. later this month, could be the place for you.

“ServiceXpress will offer several services to the community, including dry cleaning and bill pay, although the staffing will be the main focus of our Milford location,” explained Brenda Dill, the operations manager at the company’s newest franchise.

ServiceXpress is the brainchild of Bamdad Bahar, a native of Iran who purchased the Crestwood Garden Apartments in Georgetown soon after moving to the United States in the early 1980s.

“Most of the apartments were occupied by Hispanics who spoke little English and Bamdad saw that they had a need for various services, one of which was a laundromat, so he opened one of those across the street,” explained Cassie Asher, an administrator with ServiceXpress’ parent company Service General. “He soon realized that the laudromat’s full-time attendant could provide other services, so he expanded the operation to include check cashing and that’s when it really took off.”

As Service General grew, Bamdad added more and more services, such as money orders, wire transfers, long-distance phone cards and pre-paid debit cards.

Eventually, Service General began assisting Mountaire Farms in Millsboro with its staffing needs, which eventually resulted in the creation of ServiceXpress in 2006.

Today, the franchises can be found throughout Sussex County, as well as Maryland, North Carolina and Washington D.C.

The new ServiceXpress in Milford will operate out of the former Domino’s Pizza location on Northeast Front Street, which has carried a Service General sign since Bamdad purchased the building in 2007.

“He previously rented the building to an insurance company and ServiceXpress operated here for a couple of months while providing staffing to Perdue,” Dill said. “But now, we’re getting ready to go full blast and we’re here to stay.”

The company currently provides temporary, temp-to-hire, payroll and full-time staffing for several manufacturers, distributors, warehouse and food service organizations in the region, including Perdue and Mountaire. It’s also one of six temporary staffing companies contracted by the state.

“While we service several large companies in the area, we’re also in the process of building out client base here in town,” Dill said. “Really, no job is too big or too small for us to find qualified candidates.”

In addition to pre-screening potential job candidates, ServiceXpress also will conduct drug testing and background checks, depending on an employer’s needs.

Anyone interested is seeking a job through ServiceXpress can fill out an application at the Milford office between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Applications also can be found online at www.servicexpressworks.net.

For information, visit the website or call the Milford office at 424-3500.