Republican incumbent state Reps. Jack Peterman and David Wilson both won re-election in their respective races on Tuesday.

Republican incumbent state Reps. Jack Peterman and David Wilson both won re-election in their respective races on Tuesday.

Peterman narrowly won a second term to the state House of Representatives seat in District 33 by earning 4,825 votes, or 53.4 percent of the total, over Democrat John “Kevin” Robbins who garnered 4,207 votes, or 46.6 percent.

“I’m so thrilled to be a state representative again and to know I have the confidence of the people who voted to put me back into office,” Peterman said Wednesday. “I really appreciate the people having the trust in me to do a good job.”

Peterman said working to lower electric rates and the state’s estate tax are among his main priorities for a new term.

“I also want to figure out what is going on with beach replenishment,” he said. “If we’re not going to do it, we need to be honest with the people and tell them that.”

Robbins, a political newcomer from Harrington, said he thinks the outcome could have been related displeasure with President Obama and the Democratic Party.

“I’m not sure everyone knew me, either,” he said after calling to congratulate Peterman. “He ran a clean, fair race and I thanked him for that.”

Peterman said he would not rule out a future bid for the office.

“I’m not sure whether it will be in two or four years, but yes, I think I would be willing to run again,” he said.

District 33 includes the Kent County portion of Milford, as well as parts of Frederica.

Wilson, meanwhile, won a decisive victory in District 35 by collecting 5,836 votes or 92.6 percent of the total, compared to his Libertarian Ronnie Fitzgerald’s 268 votes, or 2.6 percent.

It was the second defeat of the night for Fitzgerald, who also came in last in a three-way race for Sussex County Council in District 2.

Fitzgerald, a resident of Greenwood, could not be reached for comment.

Wilson described the contest as “a good race” despite having never met his opponent.

“I went to several debates and candidates forum, but I never did run into him,” the Lincoln resident said. “I saw his signs and he answered the questionnaires put out by several newspapers, so I know he was out there, but I can’t say I was ever scared.”

Wilson said he’s looking forward to serving a second term in the state House.

“I want to see what’s going to happen with workman’s compensation,” he said, referring to a proposal before the state insurance department that would raise worker’s compensation insurance rates in Delaware by 38 percent. “I’ve been telling people that they need to be more worried about unemployment, because if that goes through the manufacturing businesses in my district will be talking about locking their doors.”

District 35 includes Greenwood, Bridgeville and parts of Ellendale and Georgetown.