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  • Punkin Chunkin 2012 Winners

  • Punkin Chunkin's top winners faced a barrage of wind and frigid temperatures in their race to pumpkin smashing glory.
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  • This list features the top winners in each category, with an emphasis on regional and local competitors. For a complete list, please visit Punkin Chunkin's official result's list here.
    Adult Air Cannon
    • 1st place Young Glory (Milton)
    • 2nd place Spit Fire
    • 3rd place American Chunker, Inc.
    Adult Female Air Cannon
    • 1st place Hormone Blaster (Georgetown)
    • 2nd place Bad Hair Day (Milton)
    • 3rd place Dragon Lady
    Adult Catapult
    • 1st place Chunk Norris
    • 2nd place Sir Chunks-A-Lot
    • 3rd place Stand Back
    Adult Centrifugal
    • 1st place Inertia 2
    • 2nd place Bad to the Bone (Milton)
    • 3rd place (United Flingdom (Greenwood)
    Adult Centrifugal Human Powered
    • 1st place Smokin Lamas
    • 2nd place Roto-pult 2000
    • 3rd place Spun Lucky
    Adult Human Powered
    • 1st place Gene's Machine (Newark)
    • 2nd place Shooda Node Better
    • 3rd place Chunksters
    Adult Torsion
    • 1st place Chucky III
    • 2nd place Onager
    • 3rd place Roman Revenge II
    Adult Trebuchet
    • 1st place NASAW
    • 2nd place Yankee Seige II
    • 3rd place Pumpkin Hammer (Newark)
    Youth Catapult (10 and younger)
    • 1st place Punkin Seeds (Georgetown)
    Youth Trebuchet (10 and younger)
    • 2nd place Pop Pop's Machine (Milton)
    • 3rd place Punkin Seeds II (Georgetown)
    • 4th place Fudd's Flinger (Milton)
    Youth Air Cannon
    • 2nd place Bad Habit (Milton)
    • 3rd place Punkin Reaper (Milton)
    Youth Catapult (Youth 11 to 17 years old)
    • 1st place Little Liberty (Milford)
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