Punkin Chunkin's top winners faced a barrage of wind and frigid temperatures in their race to pumpkin smashing glory.

This list features the top winners in each category, with an emphasis on regional and local competitors. For a complete list, please visit Punkin Chunkin's official result's list here.

Adult Air Cannon

1st place Young Glory (Milton)2nd place Spit Fire3rd place American Chunker, Inc.Adult Female Air Cannon

1st place Hormone Blaster (Georgetown)2nd place Bad Hair Day (Milton)3rd place Dragon LadyAdult Catapult

1st place Chunk Norris2nd place Sir Chunks-A-Lot3rd place Stand BackAdult Centrifugal

1st place Inertia 22nd place Bad to the Bone (Milton)3rd place (United Flingdom (Greenwood)Adult Centrifugal Human Powered

1st place Smokin Lamas2nd place Roto-pult 20003rd place Spun LuckyAdult Human Powered

1st place Gene's Machine (Newark)2nd place Shooda Node Better3rd place ChunkstersAdult Torsion

1st place Chucky III2nd place Onager3rd place Roman Revenge IIAdult Trebuchet

1st place NASAW2nd place Yankee Seige II3rd place Pumpkin Hammer (Newark)Youth Catapult (10 and younger)

1st place Punkin Seeds (Georgetown)Youth Trebuchet (10 and younger)

2nd place Pop Pop's Machine (Milton)3rd place Punkin Seeds II (Georgetown)4th place Fudd's Flinger (Milton)Youth Air Cannon

2nd place Bad Habit (Milton)3rd place Punkin Reaper (Milton)Youth Catapult (Youth 11 to 17 years old)

1st place Little Liberty (Milford)