Meet the candidates for Sussex County Clerk of the Peace.

John F. Brady

Age: 53

Political Party: Democratic

Hometown: Angola

Education: Diploma, Salesianum School; B.A., Political Science, University of Richmond; J.D., Widener University School of Law, cum laude; Certificate, John F. Kennedy School of Harvard University.

Employment: Attorney; Town Solicitor, Ellendale

What should be the highest priority as clerk of the peace? Balance the office budget through good management. George Parish, the current clerk has done a good job trying to balance the office expenses against fee income. I plan to continue those efforts in order to balance the budget. I do not plan to take mileage reimbursement or use a county car to perform the work of the office. I plan to continue to conduct memorable ceremonies upon request for the
customers of the Sussex County Marriage Bureau.

How do I see the job of clerk of the peace? I see the job of the clerk of the peace as the executive manager of the marriage bureau. As such, it is the responsibility of the legislature to pass the laws and the clerk of the Peace to follow the law. I will follow the law. It is not the prerogative of the clerk to pick and choose the laws that he will follow. I have 10 years
experience as the executive manager of county row offices. I know how to do the job in accordance with the law.

Why should voters cast their ballot for me? The Clerk of the Peace has to be the happiest row office in the county, with so many joyous people coming in to obtain licences and
for ceremonies. I would be proud to serve in that office for Sussex County. I know how to manage a budget, handle personnel issues and operate a customer friendly office within a
budget. As recorder of deeds I was still able to turn over millions of excess fees to county council to help pay for paramedic services, public safety and to help keep the tax rate unchanged for over 15 years. I can do the job well, and I ask for your vote on Nov. 6. Let the big guy work for you!

Clarification: Candidate profiles are typically an "Only in Print" feature of the Sussex Countian and Milford Beacon. However, Mr. Brady submitted a profile that did not run in this week's paper because it was found in a spam email folder. The Sussex Countian and Milford Beacon regret the error, and in the spirit of fairness, are posting the profiles for Sussex County Clerk of the Peace online through Election Day.


Brooks M. Witzke

Age: 22

Political Party: Republican

Hometown: Laurel

Education: Diploma, Greenwood Mennonite School; Criminal Justice program, Delaware Technical & Community College

Occupation: Public Safety Officer; formerly an animal cruelty officer

Family: Father: Scott Witzke; Mother: Tammy; Sisters: Lauren, Mya; Brother: Christian Gosnell

My name is Brooks Witzke. I'm the Republican running for Sussex County Clerk of the Peace. I'm a young, local, Christian Republican that grew up in Sussex County. I have a background in law enforcement and investigations.

I would love to serve you as your next clerk of the peace. If elected, I have plans to uphold the high levels of standards and efficiency that current Clerk of the Peace George Parish has established. I have future plans to:

-Implement Streaming Video weddings (for friends/relatives who are out of town);

-Advocate for traditional marriage;

-Work as your full-time clerk of the peace;

-Run the office in a cost-effective manner.

I have also received the endorsement from current Clerk of the Peace George Parish.


David Eisenhour

Age: 38

Political Party: Libertarian

Hometown: Lewes

Education: Diploma, Cape Henlopen High School; Independent Technical Training.
Occupation: IT/contract administrator at a construction company; previously a small business owner and retail manager

Family: Five children; one grandchild

I want the citizens of Sussex County to say "I do" to me as their next clerk of the peace because when I was married and said "I do" it changed my life forever and made me a better person. I truly want to share that special moment with all the citizens of Sussex County.

I have the needed proficiencies to get the job done as well. As a retail manager, I have balanced a budget, managed a staff and provided excellent customer service while increasing sales, market share and revenues. As an information technology director; I have managed the implementation of the useful technology to increase information accessibility and integrated systems management and am uniquely aware the costs and benefits of different technological approaches to increasing efficiency, providing video services and providing internet based services.

Over the last 10 years, the marriage bureau has suffered from extreme budget deficits. I will balance it. How? Provide video streaming and digital copies of services held in the clerk's office (increase revenues), provide the forms required online (decrease costs), move to in-house collection of external data (recapture lost revenues), provide excellent customer service (increase repeat and new business) and look for new services to offer (increase product line).

The Sussex Marriage Bureau has also suffered from poor public relations in the past few years. I will follow the laws of the state of Delaware as written – without complaint. It is a bad idea to promote any agenda that could drive potential customers away, while my office is not paying for itself. I will offer a welcoming environment that values each customer and helps them get the services they seek.