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  • State Farm reminds readers to review fire safety plan

  • October 7-13 is fire prevention week, so as the temperature cools, State Farm would like to remind readers to review their fire safety plan.
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  • October 7-13 is fire prevention week, so as the temperature cools, State Farm is reminding readers to review their fire safety plan.
    • Fire Extinguisher –Have an "ABC" dry chemical fire extinguisher on each level of your home, including one in the kitchen.
    • Smoke Alarms – Place at least one smoke alarm on every floor, including one in every occupied bedroom. In the kitchen, placing the smoke detector away from the stove will prevent false alarms. But smoke alarms won't help if they don't work; don't forget to use the change of the clocks to change the batteries and replace your smoke detectors after 10 years.
    • Fireplaces – Before you curl up in front of the fireplace, prepare it for the winter season. Have your chimney swept annually, and make sure you have a sturdy screen to prevent sparks from flying into the room. Also, allow fireplace and wood/pellet/coal stove ashes to cool before disposing in a metal container.
    • Candles – Keep lit candles away from materials that could easily catch fire. Never light candles when you're feeling drowsy—accidentally falling asleep plays a role in 12 percent of all candle fires. If you want a little bedtime glow, opt for battery-operated candles.
    • Have a plan – If a fire strikes, you won't have much time to react. Smoke inhalation can overwhelm a child or adult in less than two minutes. Be prepared by creating a fire evacuation plan and conducting drills.
    • Home Inventory – Don't wait until disaster strikes to create a home inventory. Take time now to create or update your home inventory, which should include a list of valuables, receipts/appraisals (when available) and photos.
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