Facing off in the 14th Senate District in this year’s election are Sen. Bruce Ennis, of Smyrna, and Scott Unruh, of Middletown.

Facing off in the 14th Senate District in this year’s election are Sen. Bruce Ennis, of Smyrna, and Scott Unruh, of Middletown.

The 14th Senate District runs from Smyrna up to Middletown.

The district may span over a big chunk of land but the issues remain the same for most of the District 14 constituents: jobs and the economy among other concerns.

Ennis running for third term

After spending 25 years as a state representative, Sen. Bruce Ennis was elected to the Senate in 2007 to fill in the remaining three years vacated by the late Sen. James T. Vaughn, Sr. Five years later and Ennis is running for his third term.

“My greatest satisfaction is from doing the grassroots work of helping constituents resolve their issues whether state, county, local, school district or interacting wit the federal government,” Ennis said.

His time in the Senate has been a busy one serving as chairman of the Senate Adult & Juvenile Corrections Committee, co-chair of the Family Law Commission and member of the Joint Finance Committee, Agriculture, Small Business, Revenue and Taxation, Veteran Affairs, and the State Emergency Response Commission.

As a fifty-four year member of the Citizens' Hose Company in Smyrna, he is one of the General Assembly’s strongest advocates for the volunteer fire and emergency medical services. As a retired state trooper, Ennis advocates for law enforcement issues and community-right-to-know matters.

He was a prime sponsor several items including a bill to put a strobe light on the rear roof of school business during inclement weather and the “Gold Alert” system for missing elderly, mentally unstable, and medically needed.

“Protecting our fellow citizens is one of the most important responsibilities we have in the legislature,” Ennis said.

Looking forward to hopefully a third term, Ennis will continue to fight for open government, preservation of farmland and balanced development, fiscal responsibility, economic recovery and creating jobs, containment of healthcare costs, and increased enforcement of crime and drug laws.

“It has been my honor and privilege to serve our community and our state during my tenure,” Ennis said. “I have the ability, the experience and the desire to serve the needs of my constituents and I would be honored to continue that service.”

Unruh ready for the challenge

Middletown resident Scott Unruh is a seventh generation family farmer and is concerned for the future of Delaware. This concern is the reason he’s running for senator of District 14.

“In a time when jobs are scarce and money is tight, we have too many career politicians who aren’t focusing on the economy and job growth, but instead keep raising taxes and creating still more government programs,” Unruh said. “Delaware was great once and can be great again, but Delaware needs new leadership and new ideas if we’re going to make our state great again, and I want to help.”

With a broad background that includes his family farm and experience in the financial industry, Unruh feels he’s dealt firsthand with the issues plaguing Delaware such as jobs and excessive regulations that handcuff small businesses.

For Unruh, jobs and the economy are the top issue facing Delaware residents. He believes the state needs to get back to the basics and create a true business-friendly environment that fosters all businesses and leads to real job creation. Delaware also needs to make sure new development occurs in an orderly manner that doesn’t overwhelm schools and roads. Education cuts are another sore spot that Unruh said have hurt school districts.

Unruh referenced former Gov. Pete DuPont who 35 years ago saw Delaware in pretty bad shape and went on to cut taxes, cut non-essential spending, and foster economic development — resulting in economic growth and prosperity.

“We need to get back to basic principles and stop the runaway growth in state spending over the last 12 years,” Unruh said. “We need to cut the red tape. We need to make Delaware business friendly. Other states are succeeding with this approach and Delaware can, too.”

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