The Delmarva Dock Dogs Club is holding a fundraiser this weekend for one of their own. The event will feature jumping, look alike, costume and kissing contests for dogs of every size.

Despite being one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the United States, many people are still unaware of dock diving.

The concept is pretty straight-forward: Find a regulation dock diving facility like a pool, pond or lake. Add dogs of every breed and size. Turn them loose to run and jump and see who goes the furthest.

This Saturday, the Delmarva Dock Dog Club is holding a fundraising event for one of their own. Flower, a Labrador Retriever, was born with a heart murmur. Though correctable with surgery, the cost is pretty steep: $5,000. So, to help the family raise money for the Monday, July 16 procedure, Flower and her family are hoping that the rescuing nature of dogs and dog lovers will entice people to gather up their two-legged and four-legged family members and spend the day frolicking and jumping at an event jam-packed with contests, competitions and fun for the whole family.


Size doesn’t matter

When most people think of dog competitions, they picture the big boys: Retrievers and Shepherds. However, the dock diving sport doesn’t discriminate for size and stature.  Small dogs will find themselves in good company with Mr. Pippin, a Pomeranian and Nilla, a Yorkshire Terrier, who give those guys a run for their money by regularly making 10-foot jumps.

Experience not needed

Now, you may be thinking, “I can lead my dog to the water and I can probably get it to jump in but how do I explain to my lovable ball of fur that I need it to jump out, not just in?”

Well, there are going to be people there to help with that. Before each jump, there will be a tutorial and club members will give as much guidance as possible. The club encourages young and old to give it a try. There’s no age restriction for humans or canines.

For dogs that try and succeed, ribbons and prize bags will be awarded. And, don’t worry, there are six categories for all sizes and experience. From novice to super elite, every dog gets a fair shake here.

More than just jumps

The day will feature more than just jumping. There’s a contest for every personality. Does your dog give the best kisses? Look the best all dressed up? Maybe you have an amazing photo of the family pet that should be entered in the photo contest. Is your dog the biggest or the smallest? Or, do people regularly comment on the family resemblance of you and your canine companion?

There will also be dog massages, obedience training, food and drinks.

DDC President Mike Galloway said the event will raise money for a good cause but it’s also just plain fun.

“This club and this event is all about fun, win or lose, and being around fun people,” Galloway said. “Dog people are fun people.”