Pat Lankford and the Rose-Colored Lasses have contributed more to cancer research than some entire towns. Milford's premiere Relay For Life team has raised more than $180,000 for the cause since they started six years ago. Lfnakford, the team's current president, took the time for a chat at this year's Relay.

Q It seems like every year, the Lasses’ fund-raising puts every other Relay For Life team to shame. How did it go in 2011?
A Well, we don’t call it shame; it all goes to the same place, after all. I’m a survivor and I’m very, very happy that everyone comes out and that all this money goes to the American Cancer Society. There is a certain pride, though. This year we had just under $17,000 before the Relay, and once we total up the fund-raising from the night itself, we should be past that.

Q How do you do it?
A We have five premiere events a year and we try to make them big. This year, the last event we had was the Chinese and silent auction at the Harrington fire hall, and it raised over $5,000.

Q How did the team get started?
A We were friends before we were a Relay team. We all enjoy each other’s company and get along; that’s how it all started. We all went to the Curves gym together and became friends there, and the gal who was our previous team leader, Jenna Scott, said “let’s do a Relay team.” I was in. At that time they didn’t even know I was a survivor — it was just a good cause. Our social group started out as the Rose-Colored Lasses, because of our friend Rosie. She sees the good in everybody — “rose-colored glasses.”