A Felton couple faces drug charges after police discovered marijuana plants at their home while investigating a burglary incident.

Delaware State Police arrested a Felton man and woman Aug. 31 in connection with three four-foot  marijuana plants and drug paraphernalia found at their Dutchman Drive home.

Police were investigating the man in connection with a separate burglary incident when they discovered the plants, said Cpl. Bruce Harris, spokesman for the Delaware State Police.

In addition to the plants, Harris said they found rolling papers, a pipe and a book "How to grow hydroponics' marijuana."

Police arrested Michael D. Moore, 22, and Jessica A. Payne, 25, charged them with manufacturing of non- narcotic,
maintaining a building for deeping controlled substances, second-degree conspiracy, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

He was committed to Vaughn Correctional Center in default of $61,000 unsecured bond  and $5,000 cash bail for violating probation.

Bond information was unavailable for Payne.