Fugitive arrested after 11 years but is society really any safer?

    Eleven years ago a woman walked away from her work release program in Pennsylvania after only five days. She ended up living on Log Cabin Road in Milford and only after an anonymous tip, did authorities discover her whereabouts and re-arrest her to complete her sentence of the original prostitution and shoplifting charges.

Now she has an added charge of escaping and sits in prison on a $15,000 secured bond.

Area police officials admit there was no police record of Cynthia Heck while she lived down here. Apparently, she kept to herself and went about her own business, whatever that may have been.

It’s doubtful that she was a real threat to anyone around here.

So why would someone walk away from such a light sentence given for a couple of innocuous charges?

Whatever her reason, it was a bad choice.

She would’ve had to serve a short time at the work release center but then could’ve disappeared, perhaps on Log Cabin Road or some other remote area, to live her life in peace.

Now she’s sitting in a Pennsylvania prison waiting for a judge to re-sentence her. This time it’s sure to be a longer punishment.

A compassionate judge hopefully will see this for what it is, a bad mistake, and be lenient.

Prisons shouldn’t be a place for people like Heck who have made bad choices in life, mostly at their own expense. A prison should be somewhere society puts sociopaths and other sadists who live their lives to harm others.

I hate to think of all the time and money being spent on this woman now, especially in these tight economic times. Is it really worth all the money in police time, prison space and court time to prosecute this woman who isn’t a threat to anyone?

Letting her go would be the wisest thing. Let’s hope there are others who agree.