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Support for Adkins

Dear Editor:

I was pleased this week to be asked to sign a candidate’s petition for Jason Adkins required for him to file as a candidate for the second ward City Council seat in Milford. For too long political participation has been reserved for the older generation that has raised families and risen to some degree of success in the world. The younger generation has often been left out of the political process as if their ideas and participation were not valued. 

Jason Adkins is a graduate of the University of Richmond and has returned to Milford to seek a career in insurance. He is active in the Rotary Club, plays golf, hunts with the locals and understands the issues that will decide the future of Milford. Voters in the second ward are dismayed at the recent outbreak of personal partisanship within the most recent council. For many years Milford City council members enjoyed a general consensus that progress, growth and new employment were good things for the future of Milford. They were able to balance new annexation with a strong effort to redevelop older sites within city limits. Now most growth has halted and we are wondering if new business and opportunities can still be a part of Milford’s future.

Since the last municipal election the tone in City Council has deteriorated into petty bickering and personal recriminations between council members who want to see Milford move forward and those who want to halt all growth and force Milford into the bedroom community it had become before progress made the community better for everyone.

I am pleased to hear that Jason Adkins will try to bring rational thought and civility back to City Council. If you live in Lakelawn Estates, Lakeview Ave, School place or the area around Bayhealth Hospital you will have the opportunity to meet Jason as he goes door-to-door to ask for your vote. I know Jason, his family and friends and am convinced he is the best choice to represent voters in the second ward on City Council. 

I urge you to evaluate Jason Adkins and decide which of the two candidates will help restore Milford City Council to the thoughtful and deliberative political body it was before the last group of “naysayers” began to assert their agenda of anti-growth and reactionary policies. Milford needs a new hospital, new citizens, new jobs and new restaurants. I’m fearful that those goals will never become realities unless we change the direction of the current City Council. David Baird is an excellent City Manager and needs to be permitted to do his job without daily interference from council members seeking to micromanage the City’s business.  

Jason Atkins will be a “breath of fresh air” for the future. He deserves our support in the 2nd ward. Plan to register and vote in the municipal election before you visit downtown for the Bug & Bud Festival on April 24. The community needs your participation in the election and the local spring festival. Try to do both.

Dave and Dawn Kenton


County officials heavy-handed

Sussex County Council’s recent decree that county officials, employees and sub-contractors will not be criticized during council meetings is living proof that we, the citizens of Delaware need the power of recall (preferably along with initiative and referendum).

In their heavy-handed effort to silence one citizen, Dan Kramer, a longstanding critic of their defects, they have cast proverbial shadow over the land. Basic legal research indicates that the policy is hideously unconstitutional and will not pass a series of established U.S. Supreme Court tests.

As this policy was apparently arbitrarily and capriciously implemented without regard to its First Amendment implications and due consideration of the extant body judicial precedent, the entire County Council stands in gross violation of its sworn oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Delaware. Like it or not, Mr. Kramer’s speech, albeit colorful, cantankerous and controversial, is protected in a limited public forum as courts have historically held that it is better to err on the side of Liberty rather than broad legal limits to ensure a vigorous public debate necessary to nurturing a constitutional republic. Tragically, the policy reflects infinitely more on the Council as a body politic than on the person it was intended to silence.

The County Council should immediately reverse this abomination or resign. In any event, no incumbent council member should be re-elected in 2010 or 2012 as their arrogant disregard for the spirit and letter of the Declaration of Independence and First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is intolerable to a free people. Accordingly, the Independent Party of

Delaware seeks articulate constitutional defenders to run on its ticket and throw the “Tories” out.

Wolfgang von Baumgart

State Chairman, Independent Party of Delaware

Giving praise where praise is due

Milford is a lucky town. In the last year, our community has been blessed to see the great accomplishments of our local sports teams. First, the high school football and wrestling teams claimed the State Championships. Then, Milford Middle and Milford High School Competition Cheerleading squads also won State Championships. Now, the Milford High School Competition Cheerleading Squad claimed the National Cheerleading Championship, which to my knowledge, has never been done before. How lucky can one community be to have so many talented young athletes among us?

As a mother of a cheerleader, I have to admit that I (and my daughter and her teammates) have endured funny looks, snickers and rude comments about how competition cheerleading isn’t really a sport. Quite frankly, I couldn’t care less if a person’s ignorance makes him or her think it’s not a sport. I have been involved with it for a long time and I know it is a sport. I have seen the dedication, the energy, the athletic ability and the skills it takes to accomplish what these kids have accomplished.  

I don’t care whether you like cheerleading, hate it or are indifferent to it. However, no one has the right to discourage or belittle these teams for their well-deserved victories. Instead, people should congratulate them. Support them.  Watch them.  You’d be surprised at what they do and what unbelievable, incredible, individuals they are.

So I am taking the time to write this letter to the editor to tell these students – congratulations on a job well done. Stand proud and tall. You’ve earned the title of champion and you make us proud.

This year, I watched the young middle school team start off a bit clumsy and unconfident – and with hard work and dedication – they blossomed into a strong squad with the winning touch. Milford High, who started the year as last year’s state champions, worked harder and stronger than ever. Despite injuries, they took the mat and performed in a way that can be described in a word no less than incredible. Judges took the time to comment on their routine, their sportsmanship, and their talent.  In the state championship, they not only won the top title in their division, they also scored the second highest score of all 33 teams in the entire session (including many larger squads). On both days of the national competition, they shined. They stepped on that mat and could not have represented Milford any better.  Individuals Brittney Gilewski, Kyle Rogers and Derek Riecke also participated in spirit leader and best cheerleader categories and won. As a team, they outperformed much larger squads and brought to Milford a national victory. One judge came up to them and commented that they were only a half point away from Grand Champions again and how impressed she was with this group of individuals. And just to brag a bit for myself, the Milford fans also received an award for most spirited.  With the team’s collective effort of working together, the MHS squad and all its athletes brought home first place victories all season long, then proudly earned the titles of State and National Champions.

As a mother of a cheerleader who competed at the middle school, All-Stars and high school levels and cheered the football team on for the last several years – I am proud of her accomplishments. I am proud of every member of that team and every cheerleading team in this area. They deserve praise. Milford should be proud. I know personally that these kids are well-rounded, intelligent (the entire high school squad has maintained the honor roll for the past two years), athletes. I’ve gotten to know most of them very well and am proud to know they represent our community.

Again, you deserve to be congratulated, commended and recognized for all your hard work. Way to go Milford! Stand tall and be proud of who you are.

Karen Donovan

Milford resident

Thank you from the Milford Senior Center

Thank you so much to the many community people who came out to support the Milford Senior Center pancake breakfast on March 21. All the money raised will go to the membership committee which will be used to help enhance various programs offered at the Center.

Thank you also to the many membership workers who helped greet people, serve pancakes, kept tables clean or working in the kitchen cleaning up. 

We are also most grateful to the Milford Applebee’s for letting us have the breakfast fundraiser. All the staff especially Mark and Lisa was a pleasure to work with.

Lucy Mehl

Chairperson of Applebee’s Fundraiser

Milford Senior Center